tisdag 21 april 2015

Presentation 1 Planning

Today the presenting group talked about planning and how it will ensure you are being proactive and prepared for any problem you might face.

The process of planning was discussed and a 8 point system to follow to ensure your planning is efficient and executable.

The group talked about how the planning would help them with their project and gave examples of how you could connect through social media or document sharing.

They showed the benefits of planning especially with the programs we are using and how the planning could help improve the overall performance of the group.

They also showed a short clip they had made to get the message across easier. A stop motion styled clip showing hand drawn white board text and pictures. It was a very interesting way of presenting the subject.

So how does this relate to our project and why is planning so important.

Planning proves again and again how valuable it can be. Not only in projects but in anything from war to friendships. The planning process and how flexible it can be determines, in my opinion, how effective a plan can be. Because no plan that hasn't accounted for an error margin or something else going wrong isn't going to be a very good plan.

You need backup plans, failsafe plans, emergency plans. Planning is really important to whatever comes into our lives.

To us the plan has been very simple. Get X done til Y and perhaps add Z if there is time. A very simple if/and statement of a plan but there is more to any plan. We all have our individual plans along with the group plan and in our sistuation I don't feel like I know the others plan compared to our groups. We have very clear guidelines and goals  but our plans may differ.

We will resolve this with our comming group meetings but I just found it interesting to analyze.

Whatever we do we have to plan for the unexpected, without it being possible.

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