tisdag 28 april 2015

Presentation 2 Communication

The group started with a timeline outlining how communication has changed since the 5/6th century to modern age. They also went over the negative sides and positive sides of the changing form of communication

the Cheney model was brought up and the essence of what communication is was discussed as well as the barriers and limitations of communication.

The group went on to what they called the two types of communication and how they have their strong sides and weaknesses.  

They talked about how the environment affects the way of communication. For example how well the persons involved know each other or the profession.

A table set up with types of communication used by the group themselves displayed some pros and cons.

Different types of communication in groups was discussed. Top down or bottom up types but a networking side as well.

So how does this relate to us and what does it mean/change about our job.

Communication has always been important in humanitys history. Some say it is our greatest power to transfer knowledge betwen generations through communication and it has no small job in our scenario either.

The comunication between client and architect must be one of the most delicate and intriquette things about architecture. How do you get your idea across in an understandeable matter or how do you convey your vision and arrive at the same conclusion as your client.

In our case we have had a very clear channel with our clients on what they want and how much they expect. I feel our exchange with Russell has also been crystal clear so far as im concerned and I think we have a very good idea on what we aim to achieve.

This is our key communications action in our project. The dialouge between us, clients and professor.

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