måndag 4 maj 2015

The Task

We have got tasked with replicating the Katoomba Scenic Route in a virtual environment. The software we are going to use is Unreal Engine 4. Demo video showing the potential and power of the Unreal Engine.

The engine itself has vast potential and for this project we are attempting to recreate an Australian heritage site to immortalize and give remote access to the area without the need to physically be there. The end aim is to have a Scenic Route that is available online along with a video showcasing the site and an animation that shows the mechanical system of the rail cars.

The site itself is an old coal mine that was situated in very rough terrain and therefore has a railcar system that was very complex, so complex in fact that it collapsed from extended usage. The site is now cluttered with remnants of the old mine and has been declared a heritage site because of the way the mine has weaved together with the surroundings. 

We have a trip planned to go out and meet the clients and document the site as well as take photos for textures, study the mechanical carts and take information on the history of the site along with seeing the actual site.

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