måndag 4 maj 2015

Group Meetings and our Plan

So by now it was time for us to decide how to tackle the task at hand. We have many things to get around to and a limited amount of time so we have divided the tasks for the whole group. They vary from contacting previous students to get 3D models to starting to build the virtual level.

These tasks where given out to each and every member along with the instruction to learn Unreal4. Now the aproximate number of days for an experienced 3d modeler is 4 full days. So I assume we are going to need at least double that,

I got tasked with looking into what can be done about the animation and how I would best go about setting it up properly. First we needed the old 3d models along with the height map of the site to begin witht he Unreal4 level.

I decided that 3DS max would be worthwile looking into since it has some really good animation tools. I will see how it turns out and what can be done to fix it.

Viewport from 3ds

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